Universal Training Center was conceptualized as a desire to produce quality healthcare professionals who can help care for patients properly and effectively. Now, this desire is our mission.

Established in 2012, Universal Training Center has earned a solid reputation of being a healthcare training provider for students who have their aspirations set to be a part of the healthcare industry. We provide training courses that aim to produce highly proficient and knowledgeable healthcare professionals ready to face the challenges in the industry.

What started out as a provider of just 4 courses, namely CPR, First Aid, and Notary Public, grew to become a provider of several more healthcare courses. It is our goal and duty to prepare and equip all our students with the expertise in dealing with the healthcare careers of their choice.
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Our Mission

Every student deserves to feel confident about the subjection. Our job is to give them the tools, the education, and opportunities need to make a difference in their lives.

About Dr. Dore

Dr. Dore Luc is a Family Christian Counselor Christian Therapy, Pastor, Chaplain, Professor CNA trainer, and Victim Advocate of Broward County, Fl. Prior to becoming what he is today, he was also a student, one who truly wants to make a change in a patient’s life.

Dr. Dore believes that every patient deserves to be cared for by qualified individuals who know what they are doing. He founded Universal Training Center to assist the students of today in equipping themselves with the right skill sets used in their chosen healthcare careers.

To know more about what our training center can provide you, call us at 954-990-7376.