With the intention of preparing aspirants for their careers, Universal Training Center offers a variety of healthcare training courses in different fields.

Universal Training Center provides a comprehensive list of training courses for students 18 years old and above. The training courses we provide are designed to help students become prepared for the responsibilities they may perform in their future jobs.

We offer:

doctor showing hoist to nurse

Practical Nursing (PN)

Under this program, you will learn how to monitor a patient’s vital signs, administer basic patient care, and keep detailed reports of the patient’s health. You will also be responsible for reporting the status of a patient’s health to nurses and doctors with whom you will be working. You can work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and correctional facilities.

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Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN)

This program will help students understand basic nurse duties such as taking vital signs, administering immunizations and other injections, and creating progress reports for their patients while under the supervision of a doctor or registered nurse. This course can be a great opportunity for individuals to gain experience while pursuing their RN credentials.

young doctor and her senior senior patient

Home Health Aide/HHA

Home health aides provide assistance with hygiene and daily personal tasks to patients who cannot do these things alone. We’ll help you know what techniques you can apply when providing assistance through this program.

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CNA Certified Nursing Assistant

Supervised by a registered nurse, certified nursing assistants will need the right knowledge to provide basic health care. Our CNA course will help aspirants learn more about such career and how to do it right.

phlebotomist holding equipment for drawing blood

Phlebotomy Technician

Phlebotomy technicians draw blood and send them to laboratories. They play a vital role in helping laboratories and doctors detect potential illnesses in patients. Our trainers help you know how to draw blood safely and properly through this course.

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Patient Care Technician/PCT

A patient care technician provides care and assistance with the basic needs of patients. For you to provide proper care, you will need to learn various techniques and information which our trainers can share in this training program.

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Patient Care Assistant/PCA

Assisting patients with basic tasks such as bathing and toileting is one of the duties performed by patient care assistants. They get their orders from doctors or other healthcare professionals. With this course, we help you prepare for these duties.

man reading electrocardiograph examination

Electrocardiograph Aide/EKG

This course will help students know and prepare for the functions expected from an electrocardiograph aide. After completing this program, you can find a career in clinics and hospitals.

man notary signs the documents

Notary Public

Our notary public course is designed to assist aspirants in knowing their functions and responsibilities as a notary public. Our trainers will also introduce them to all the processes involved in performing these functions and responsibilities.

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With a BLS course, a student can learn basic life support skills which are integral when dealing with emergencies. This course is open to those who need certifications for employment as well as those who want to be knowledgeable about basic life support.

doctor demonstrating cpr


The CPR course helps healthcare professionals get certified in this field. We help such professionals, as well as other individuals who just want to learn CPR, be prepared for performing the maneuver when the need arises during an emergency.

man aiding the arm of a woman

First Aid

We offer a First Aid training course to teach aspirants on how to apply the right first aid to varying situations. The course is open to healthcare professionals, child care providers, and more.

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CNA Review

CNA Review is also available. We help test takers to prepare for the CNA examinations, providing a refresher and supplementing what they have learned.

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